It’s a jungle out there!

One of my recent study projects was to develop a pitch for a new kid’s content, day-time ‘wrapper’ show. Thus, ‘Jungle Treehouse’ was born.

Dan and his best friends Max the Monkey and Peppa the Parrot explore the wonders the jungle has to offer.

I designed the logo to be simple but colourful. The idea was that this could be animated in the program opening. Bright and bold colours were used as they are enticing to children and they bring a sense of lightness to a generally dark jungle. I really liked the fonts as they are fun and childlike and are easy for children to read.slide2

Dan’s Treehouse is the basis for all their adventures. The set was designed to be open and colourful, tying in with the brand style. I created the set using a mix of Photoshop and Illustrator.


There are 3 main characters to the show. Dan, who is a live actor, Max a puppet monkey and Peppa a puppet parrot. The 2 puppets were really fun to create and allowed me to explore pencil techniques in Illustrator. To polish them off, I chose a gradient fill to add more depth to them along with some shadowing.



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