Alice by Elena Kalis

I have always been fascinated with Alice in Wonderland and when I came across Elena Kalis’s ‘Alice in Waterland’ photos, I couldn’t help but fall in love with them.

Growing up in the Bahamas and being surrounded by water, Kalis became interested in capturing the underwater environment as it portrays a “different perception of reality, weightless, a dreamlike surreal feeling”.  The concept behind the photos was that being underwater showed a different perspective, just like when Alice went through the rabbit hole or into the mirror.

The collection of photo took around 2 years to shoot. Her model was her 10 year old daughter Sacha who, at the time, was the same age as Lewis Carroll’s Alice.


Kalis focus heavily on the use of light and always features the surface of the water and the refection it causes. Her approach is fun and light and uses a lot of props such as the balloons, toys and mirror to set the scene and show connection with the story of Alice in Wonderland. The movements of the model are quite graceful and soft.

All of her images are post-processed in Photoshop with some just needing colour adjustments, while other a bit more overlaying and editing.



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