Down the Rabbit Hole

Another assignment I have been working on is a photomedia project. We were asked to create a piece using a subject, theme or approach of our choosing. I have always been fascinated with the story of Alice in Wonderland, so it was the basis for this project.

The photomedia project depicts a warped sense of reality through the objects that are slightly out of proportion.

The shoes are blue to represent Alice, who, in adaptations of the story, wears a blue dress. The other objects within the image all represent part of Alice’s adventure in Wonderland including the tea cups from the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, the painted roses from the Queen of Hearts garden, the door Alice shrinks down to fit into and the potion she uses to do it.



Tying it all together

If you’ve been reading my blog so far, you’ll know I’ve been working on a photomedia project with an Alice in Wonderland theme. in some of the blogs I showed how I experimented with layout options and how I would go about acquiring the images I would need.

At this time, I’ve gotten to a point in my project that I’m quite happy with the layout I’ve chosen, however, no matter how much I tweak the individual images and edit their colouring, I can’t seem to make it all tie together.


After a few days of sitting on the project, I came across this blog:

It showed a step by step process of how to create a photo montage. Reading through the steps taken to create the final product, I found out that the designers last step was to add a textured overlay. That was the final step I seemed to be missing. Below is the texture I used and how it turned out.



Alice Layout

After acquiring the images I may need either through purchasing or obtaining them through taking photos, I can now start to play with the layout. Here are a couple of images of the steps I took to work towards my finished photo.


Image 1: Creating a background


Image 2: Creating a warped perception


Image 3: Adding in the elements


Image 4: Playing with image scales


Image 5: Playing with positioning

Acquiring Alice

The items I have chosen to photograph for my photomedia project include vintage tea cups, clocks, chess pieces, a desk of cards, legs wearing stripy socks and some white roses painted red.

Each individual image that I will select for the final piece will need to be prepped and edited ready for compositing. Most of the items in the images will need to have their backgrounds removed hence my makeshift green-screens.

The few images I may need to purchase through stock photography would be a rabbit and one or 2 potential background images that I could manipulate.

Image Compositing

Recently, I was asked to combine at least 5 photos I have personally taken and create a completely new and different image. After about 3 days of sifting through hundreds of holidays and event photos, and endless amounts of paths I could go down, I finally came up with this.



This idea behind this piece was to illustrate when your mind starts to wonder off to memories of places you’ve travelled to or to where you might go next.

This final image was creating in Photoshop. The top few layers (the hydrangeas and the girl on the couch) were cut out using the eraser tool and were then overlapped and tweaked to make it appear like the couch is floating in the hydrangeas. A slight shadow was then applied to the couch.

The two background images were put together with the ‘darker colour’ blend mode and then touched up with the eraser tool.

The image in the frame was distorted to fit within it and has a overlay blend applied to make it stand out more.

Lastly, the cat was cut out using the eraser tool and has a drop shadow effect applied to make it pop out a bit from its image.

Below are all the images I used to create ‘Daydreaming’.